Para Siempre Blanco

The 31st Argentine

ANGEL Di Maria

Angel di Maria, by signing with Real, becomes the fourth Argentine on the current squad and the 31st to ever play for Real Madrid. Directors, former players, current players and coaches all sang the praises of Real’s newest addition.


He must be and is a very talented footballer if he plays for Argentina. He’s got breakaway speed, one-on-one skills and is very bold.


He is a player who fulfills all the requirements of a midfielder and who has what it takes to be a winger. He opens the field up, can break away from defenders and he always pushes himself to the limit. Di Maria is a great addition to this team.


I like him, I like him. He has the potential to play in different competitions.


You can pay a fortune for a player who breaks away from you two times per match. With Di Maria you are guaranteed seven successful break-aways in ten attempts, which is something you don’t see often nowadays.

He is a spectacular player. He’s got football in his blood and he improves on a daily basis. He isn’t the Di Maria who stayed along the left flank any more. He now comes out to play, moves ahead of the ball and takes on defenders with all he’s got.


He is a great player who is capable of playing for any team.


He is a very good player. I am happy for him. I wish him the best of luck with us.


His performance with us was so good that his now one of the players of the times.


He has incredible speed and uncanny ability to move north and south. He has what few players have, which is an extra gear with the ball at his feet. He can read spaces in a way that most can’t.


He is extremely fast and has an incredible left leg. He attacks defenders like crazy. He isn’t scared and is almost unstoppable one-on-one. He can curl in great balls from the wing and can shoot with both feet. He can play as either a winger or second attacker.


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