Para Siempre Blanco

Pedro León to

Pedro Leon shared his excitement for signing for Real Madrid in his first interview to

"I will wear this shirt with honour and humility"

Congratulations for seeing your lifelong dream come true.

Thank you. This is the best club in the world. I’ve dreamt about playing here since I was a child. I am very happy.

You look rather moved. Did you also expect such a warm welcome from the fans?

They were great. I really didn’t expect this. Many people came today and I am very grateful for that.

Florentino Perez thanked you during the presentation for making a great effort to be here.

I had many other offers, but I told my agent Real Madrid was the only place for me as soon as I learned about their interest. This was my dream.

You’ve often stressed this is the best club in the world and that it has the best players and the best coach.

Yes. You can’t get a better chance than the one I’ve been given. I know I must be humble and work extremely hard. This is the best club and it has the best players and the best coach too, so being here is truly amazing. This is the best environment in which to make progress and learn more.

You are only 23 years old, but you’ve already placed for Murcia, Levante, Valladolid and Getafe. Is it your main objective to continue to grow as a player?

Yes. I’ve reached the top by signing for the best club. I’m not the only one who says Real Madrid is the best. I must now work very hard and continue to improve while I defend this shirt with character, competitivity, pride and, above all else, humility.

All your previous coaches have praised your qualities.

I am very grateful to them. I won’t forget any of them, but I am especially fond of Mendilibar.

Mourinho is very demanding and a hard worker. What do you feel knowing you will work with him?

I couldn’t feel better. As I said before, I believe he is the best coach in the world given what he won last year. I am proud to work with him. The best thing to do at the best club is to be demanding. I hope on 30 June we can all look back on this season and say we achieved all our goals.

Mourinho has been one of the people to support you the most. Does that add more pressure?

It is a real privilege to have such a distinguished coach support your signing. It makes me very proud. I also wish to thank the President because I know he also fought to get me here, as well as Jorge Valdano. I am very excited and I always will be while I wear this shirt. I am anxious to work hard.

You will now have to win the crowd over with performances. You are right footed, but you seem to nevertheless enjoy playing down both wings…

I’d rather others described me. I will simply try to do my best and help the team. The coach will decide what I should do.

I guess you are anxious to work with men of international renown like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema.

I am anxious to wear this shirt in a match. The most beautiful thing in football is to play.

What would you like to say to the fans?

I want them to know I feel great pride in wearing this shirt and that I will defend it to the very end with humility and honour. I hope to make them all very happy. Hala Madrid!


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