Para Siempre Blanco

Gago press conference

Fernando Gago discussed what he has to do to earn himself a spot in the starting eleven and commented on his new coach Jose Mourinho and fellow teammate Kaka during what was his first press conference of the season.

Fernando Gago: "I’m going to give it my all in every training session"


I’m going to give it my all in every training session. All I have thought about since day one is putting forth my best effort in order to help the club.


Jose Mourinho instills a lot of confidence in his players because he supports them. It is hard to say how exactly we will play once the season starts because we have yet to play a game. During the preseason we will learn how it is that the coach would like us to play.

Real Madrid future:

Mourinho and I had a private conversation. It was very helpful and I will try to do my best. There is still a lot to be done and we will all work hard to earn the coach’s confidence.


Kaka has a lot to give and will play a vital role on this team.


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