Para Siempre Blanco

Guti to

Guti sat down with and RealmadridTV for an exclusive interview following the press conference in which he announced he was leaving the Club.

"I've spent practically my whole life at Real Madrid, the greatest club in the world"

Are you moved by this? How had you envisioned this moment?

I think I am a bit moved. I feel many emotions at the same time. I’ve spent practically my whole life at Real Madrid, which I regard as the greatest club in the world. I’ve been surrounded by friends, family and journalists that have grown up with me and whom I’ve known practically since day one. I’ve experienced much and I am very happy about having played 14 years on the first team. I’m happy because the Club and I reached an agreement to rescind my contract. I am now waiting for a new stage in my life to begin.

You arrived when you were 9 years old and you’ve won many titles in 24 years. What do you think of all that?

I think my parents and my sisters did a great a job. They deserve half of the credit for the titles I’ve won. I wouldn’t have reached this far without their great efforts. I remember many trains I had to get, many cold evenings I spent at Real Madrid City… I’ve lived many things here and many of them have been very good.

Which is your fondest memory?

Probably making my debut. It’s what every kid wishes for; to play at the Bernabeu before 80,000 fans. I guess that’s the most profound moment I’ve lived. It was also the product of a lot of hard work from my part and my family as well. It was incredibly satisfying.

You are capable of serving an assist before anyone else. What do you feel when the crowd cheers you on for something like that?

You end up getting used to it and realising these things just happen in football. Sometimes you are remembered for great achievements and others you end up paying for mistakes. I feel proud when I hear people will miss me. It means I did a good job at Real Madrid and that’s what people will remember.

Fans were visibly moved when you said farewell at the stadium after the last league match. So were journalists today in the press room…

That’s true. We all do our job and it is impossible for everyone to agree about everything all the time. Some journalists began their careers at the same time I began mine. I also believe the fans have had greater affection for me in the past few years. I’ve felt it on the street. I think things have changed. Some people like you more and others less. Our job puts us in the public eye and everyone has an opinion. I have very fond memories. I’ve felt great affection from people in the last four months when my future at the Club was still uncertain. I am grateful for it. I want fans to know I will continue to be a Real Madrid supporter all my life.

Do you think you may come back some time?

I may. I’d like to because I’ve spent many years here and I know the Club very well. I also believe I could probably do a good job. This is a great club and what always remains is the crest and the Real Madrid name. Many people like me come and go. You never know what the future has in store for you.


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