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What they say about Guti

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas, along with his teammates had nothing but kind words for departing teammate Guti on his last day as a Real Madrid player.

"One of the greatest footballers and a role model for Real Madrid academy players is leaving and we will really miss him because he is an exceptional person"

Florentino Perez:

As President of Real Madrid, I wish to thank Guti for everything he’s done for the Club these past 24 years. Spending a lifetime defending and fighting for our team shows the degree of loyalty and passion he has for Real Madrid. I will never forget the incredibly important offer Guti received from great club AC Milan when I entered office for the first time in 2000. He nevertheless chose to remain with us.

Guti was and is a different player who has exceptional talent. That’s why he has always had a special room in the heart of all our fans worldwide.

His career has unquestionably become part of Real Madrid history. His contribution to the title success the team has had these years proves just how lucky Madridismo has been to have him. Real Madrid will forever be his home.

I had the chance to talk to him this mornring and, as President, thanked him in the name of all Madridistas for everything he’s given us, for his talent and for the imagination he’s showcased on the pitch.

Guti begins a new stage in his life and I’m sure he will continue to prove his quality. I wish him luck in this new venture. He knows Madridismo will never forget him.

Iker Casillas:

Guti is a great player, a great person and a great captain. He leaves us now but he will always be part of Real Madrid. As a footballer, he has always been one of the most talented players I have ever seen in my life. As a person, I have known him from the past 10 years. He is very kind-hearted and I consider him to be a good friend. I am never going to forget his moves, passes and superb matches. He will always be part of Real Madrid’s history and I will miss him very much.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

My dream when I was a kid was to be able to play next to Guti. When I first saw him I thought he was a first class player and when I started playing with him I realized he has a one-of-a-kind left foot. It has been a privilege to be one of his teammates and I wish him all the best from now on.

Xabi Alonso:

He is a genius; the most unique footballer I have ever played with. He has the most incredible vision for the game I have ever seen in a player. He has tremendous technique. For the past ten years, he has provided the last pass like none other and I can confirm based on what I saw last year. He is generous, special and I feel a close bond to him.


He is an excellent person and a great player. I have learned many things from him in just a year. He has taught me a lot and always good things. I already knew about his talent but once you play with him you realize what an incredible player he is. The passes he made with his left foot were impressive; he is a noble man both on and off the pitch. I have enjoyed playing with him and he will always be in our hearts as well as in that of all the Madridistas.


He is an excellent person and a first class player. He has a very strong personality and what I will never forget is that he gives everything for his team. His left foot is superb and he is one of the classiest footballers I’ve ever seen. He is capable of finding teammates on the pitch like no one else can. It has been an honour to play with him and our successes will always be his successes.


His heel flick at Riazor was so incredible that I will never be able to forget it. Since my arrival he has taken care of me and talked to me a lot. He is a genius on the pitch and one of the best players I have ever met. His passing skills are amazing and I wish him all the best because in my opinion, Guti is a genius.


Guti is one of the best footballers I have ever seen in my life. He has eyes in the back of his head. I have learned many things from him in the years we have played together. I like his style both on and off the pitch because he is an excellent player and a great person. I am going to miss him and I will always treat him as a friend.


He has always protected me on the pitch and since I first started playing at Real Madrid he has taken great care of me. He is an incredible, impressive and different player and person and he is admired by all of us. Many of his passes and moves are unforgettable. A great player and friend has left us.


He is a person who always makes an impression and who has been characterized by pursuing his identity without worrying too much about the consequences. What no one can question is his good nature and good heart. I feel indebted to him after playing with him for a year.


There is no doubt that one of the greatest players in the history of Real Madrid is leaving. I am going to miss him a lot because he is an excellent teammate and friend. He is a great person but many people aren’t aware of the fact. We had a close relationship since my first day at Real Madrid and there are no words to describe his talent. Many of his plays are unforgettable. We will miss him very much.

Alvaro Arbeloa:

Guti has become one of the most important role models for Real Madrid academy players. He is an example for all of us to follow. His skills are well-known because he has always demonstrated them on the pitch and he is one of the best players I have worked with, but what it is unknown is his personality and that is what we are going to miss. A great person and role model is leaving us.

Raul Albiol:

He is fantastic as a player and as a person, too. There are only three footballers in the world with his skills and as a teammate he always pays attention to the details. He is very caring and involved. He is so incredible that I would honour him with a statue at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.


One response

  1. Besiktas

    Guti is a top class footballer.
    We are so happy to see him with BESIKTAS t-shirt.
    This year, BESIKTAS will be champion with his amazing passes.
    He is a genious .

    Guti is GOD of football.

    We love you Haz.Guti
    BESIKTAS supporters adore you.

    August 18, 2010 at 1:22 pm

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