Para Siempre Blanco

Dudek press conference

Jerzy Dudek addressed the media following Tuesday’s evening session.

Dudek: "We can learn a considerable amount from Mourinho"

Contract extension:

It’s fantastic for me to be given the chance to extend my contract with such a great club.


I am very motivated and I will have to fight hard to earn a spot on the team. I will give everything I’ve got. I am anxious to help.


Mourinho likes to work with the ball in short, but intense games. We have a good coach who also happens to be a good person off the pitch, but he is very serious on the pitch. We all want to do more and we’ve been working hard since day one. We can learn a considerable amount from Mourinho.


Raul is a legend. He’s made history at the Club and it’s been a real pleasure for me to play with him. Despite my experience I found myself learning from him since the first day I arrived. He sets a great example for all youngsters and he is a great captain both on and off the pitch.


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