Para Siempre Blanco

Pepe press conference

It was Pepe’s turn to talk to the media after Real Madrid’s third session in Los Angeles.

"We know we have to work extremely hard to win titles"


I never worked with Mourinho before and he has really impressed me. He treats his players very well and speaks their language. He is a wonderful coach. He is very demanding, but his support for us is also fierce.


Our duty is to defend the Real Madrid shirt to the very end. We have to work extremely hard to win titles. Mourinho knows this and so do we.


Real Madrid are making great signings. These are players of great quality who will learn what this team is all about and how to work here soon enough. Khedira had a great run in the World Cup and there’s a reason why Real Madrid decided to sign him.


Raul spent many years at Real Madrid. He is a leading example for all of us, but he is no longer here. We will never forget him, but we have to focus on working without him.


I’ve fully recovered from my injury. I worked very hard and I am ready to perform at the highest level.

Style of play:

Mourinho asks us to play with intesnity and to pressurise in order to steal the ball quickly. He asks us to work harder in each training session.


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