Para Siempre Blanco

Benzema to

One year after joining Real Madrid, Karim Benzema feels completely integrated within the team. After going through the typical adjustment phase, the French striker feels he will be back to his old form in no time.

Karim Benzema: "I hope to score a lot of goals for this team"

What can we expect from you this season?

I have played for this team for a year now and my Spanish is much better, which makes me feel more integrated. I think this is going to be my year at Real Madrid.

What can you contribute to the team?

Goals. I hope to score a lot of goals for this team this season. I am going to work hard so that people have faith in me. It’s going to be a good year for me.

What are the team’s goals this season?

We have a new coach who is very excited about this project, so that will help a lot. A team like this one always need to aspire to win every title in play and we will fight to do just that.

What is your opinion on Mourinho and how do you two get along?

Mourinho is a great coach. He is very strong and very good for us because he talks to the players and instills confidence. He is a winner and he expects the best from each of us.

What has he asked of you this season?

He has asked that I play the football that I am capable of and that I score a lot of goals, and that is what I will do. He has a lot of confidence in all of us, which is very important to the players.

How do you feel about the new signings this year?

They are great players and good for Madrid. We need to work hard to be prepared for the season. This team needs to reach for the stars.

How has this stage of the preseason been so far?

Very good. We are very relaxed here. We have no distractions and are working hard. The team has gelled well, and it shows during training.

Is there anything you would like to say to Madridistas?

Just that they have faith in us as they always do. We will do everything we can to win titles this season. Individually speaking, they should know that they will see the best version of Benzema.


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