Para Siempre Blanco

Higuain to

Gonzalo Higuain’s preseason is off to a flying start after the Argentine scored Wednesday night’s equalizer against Club America.

Higuain: "Mourinho is a serious coach who is backed by his past success"

Your first preseason match and your first goal.

I am happy to have started off with a goal. That is my job and the reason I am here. We need to continue getting used to Mourinho’s methods and tactics and to hope that the new players adjust quickly. I will continue trying to score goals if and when the coach includes me in the starting eleven.

What is working for Mourinho like?

It is great. We are all very anxious to learn from him. It is going to be a tough year but we believe we can win every title we compete for. We are very motivated.

What is it about him that the players identify with?

He is a serious coach. We are all aware of his past success and we mutually want to help one another win titles with Real Madrid.

What are you goals for the upcoming season?

I hope to score more goals than last seasaon because it will help the team accomplish its objectives. I scored a good number of goals last year and would love to score even more this season.

And what about the team’s objectives?

Our goal is to win all three titles we have in play. It would be a nice reward for our fans, who are hoping and waiting for it to happen.

What would winning the Champions League mean to this club?

It would be very special. This team has won more European Cups than any and we are hoping to win the Tenth this year.

What woud you like to tell Madridistas heading into the new season?

I ask that they support us as always and want to tell them that we will play the very best we can. I hope they have fun watching us and that they help us celebrate should we win any titles.


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