Para Siempre Blanco

Mourinho press conference

Jose Mourinho offered a run down of what the preseason stage in Los Angeles has been like during Friday’s press conference.

Mourinho: "Cristiano is Cristiano and I am sure he will have a great season playing for me"


We work on everything. We combine fitness work with psychological work. For example, we do a 10 on 6 drill and the six-man team begins with a 2-0 advantage. The other team then needs to turn the score around within ten minutes. That is how we combine fitness work with psychological work. Against America, when we were down 2-1, we turned to our attitude. Take Cristiano as another example. He was going to be subbed out in the 60th minute, but he asked me to stay in in order to win the match. That gives you an idea of this team’s attitude.

Real Madrid:

Real Madrid is a team that generates very high expectations. It is a one-of-a kind and it was named the best team of the 20th Century. I haven’t been here very long, but I have already realized what this team is made of and I would like to be a part of the history of Real Madrid.

Canceling practice session:

In football you must tire in the final minute, not at the very beginning of a match, which is what is happening to us now because of the work load. The reason we cancelled one of the training sessions is to allow the players more time to rest.


In reference to Kaka, all that matters is that the operation was a success. There are no more questions about his situation or his recovery. As the leader of a group, I cannot waste time crying over a player. I have other players counting on me. My philosophy doesn’t allow me to have any doubts or to cry. I have no doubts regarding the quality of our medical staff. I will not speak about Kaka any further while he is out.


Cristiano enjoys the physical workouts and I think he will be pleased with my training methods will make him happy. On the pitch, Cristiano is Cristiano and I am sure he will have a great season playing for me.

More players:

I have everything I need, so when someone wants to give me a gift, it must be very special. So if the president and his staff want to give me something, it must be very good. They have a month to think about it and buy it.

National team call ups:

The problem with the squad lists and national team call-ups has nothing to do with Del Bosque, but rather with FIFA and the calendar. Thankfully I already know my players. because if I didn’t I wouldn’t know them once they returned. I hope Del Bosque knows how to manage the situation well and that he doesn’t overwork the players.


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