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Real Madrid 3-2 Club América | Post-match comments

Jose Mourinho: "Real Madrid is a team that wants to win and its history proves it"

Jose Mourinho was pleased with his team’s first preseason performance, but he made it clear that there is still plenty of work to be done. He said:

We won, but we would rather win real matches than preseason ones. It was a different kind of practice against a competitive, fast and motivated team.

We have six players including Casillas who are in Los Angeles and not yet able to play. I want to try three different tactical systems which I explained to my players yesterday. What we used today was one of them. Based on the players who were on the pitch it was best to use this system for Canales, Cristiano and Pedro Leon.

I am not making a mistake by counting on Canales this season and by not allowing him to stay at Racing for another year. I think he proved me right today.

Pedro Leon is physically exhausted, but he continues to impress. He has some things to improve and I get on his case quite often, but it’s a good thing becase it means I am pleased with how he is working.

Kaka is loved by all his teammates and he is an excellent player, but we want him to be 100% so that he is happy. It’s no big deal if we have to lose him for a while. We have other players and that is that. He is one of the best players in the world.

Raul and Guti did so much for Real Madrid and I have done nothing, which is why I respect them so much. I knew that Guti had already bid farewell to the fans. Raul’s case was different. I would have loved to have him here, but he had the right to choose his future and to continue playing at the top of his game. Real Madrid’s future offense lies in the feet of Benzema, Higuain and Cristiano.

Canales scored in his debut and was delighted with his performance in his first game as a Madridista adding:

It is a dream come true to be able to debut with Real Madrid. I can’t wait to continue learning and working for this club. I honestly didn’t think about how my first game was going to be, but everything went well and scoring made it unforgettable.


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