Para Siempre Blanco

Albiol to

Raul Albiol has only spent a few days in team camp in Los Angeles, but the defender is already familiar with the grueling workouts held by Mourinho. After sitting out of the match against America, Albiol hopes to see some action on Saturday against the LA Galaxy.

Raul Albiol: "Every new player who has joined us has been welcomed with open arms"

How do you think your teammates played against America?

It was a typical preseason match that we used to get into a rhythm. I sawa some good things. The team is training very hard.

What is training under Mourinho like? What has he asked of you?

Workouts are very intense and almost all contain ball work in small spaces. It really helps because during matches it is important to know how to play with little room to work with. We are improving day by day. Personally speaking, he hasn’t asked me to do anything in particular. He welcomed us and we started training right away. It is going to be a tough season and we have to be ready as soon as possible. We all have to stick together and row in the same direction.

What are your thoughts on the squad that has been put together?

It’s great. There was already a great team last year and now it’s even better with the players that have arrived. We welcomed all the new players with open arms knowing that if they were signed by Real Madrid it’s because they are very talented.

Canales debuted against America and scored. What do you think?

Canales is very talented. Hhe is young and is going to learn a lot at Real Madrid. He will be able to capitalize on his talent here.

How has Khedira adjusted so far?

He is doing very well. We joke around with him a lot because he doesn’t speak Spanish, but he is very laid back and a hard worker. Let’s see if he fully adapts soon and what he is made of.

What are the team’s goals this season?

We need to take things slowly; one match at a time until we are a strong team that can fight for every title. That is what this team deserves.


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