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Los Angeles Galaxy 2-3 Real Madrid | Post-match comments

Mourinho: "I can tell the players want to win every match"

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho discussed his team’s perfomance following its match against the LA Galaxy and although admitting he saw things he wasn’t pleased with, he also commented on what he did like. He said:

Gonzalo Higuain is a top forward. He scored two goals, which is quite important to a forward. What I liked most were his movements on the pitch, which were those of an intelligent forward. He makes the game easy for other attackers because he plays from behind and opens up a lot of ground.

Real Madrid cannot spend ten months playing with only Cristiano or Higuain. We will be participating in three competitions, so I need Benzema as he is an important player in my book.

I liked the team’s mentality. They did not want to lose. I always tell my players that friendly matches do not exist, that preseason matches are used to make a lot of changes and that winning isn’t what counts. I do no like the word “friendly” in football. I can tell the players want to win every match.

There were moments I didn’t like in both of our matches, but that’s logical because we are still working and learning and there are many things to iron out. That said, there were also a lot of things I did like, such as the second half of today’s match. I liked how we played on defense, how we pressured, how we played the ball and how we managed to score.


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