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Van der Vaart press conference

Rafael van der Vaart is just as excited now as he was at the end of the 2009/10 season. The midfielder is also thrilled with the arrival of Jose Mourinho and that of new signings such as Sergio Canales and Ricardo Carvalho.

Van der Vaart: "Training sessions are very intense and always include the ball"


We are all performing well so far. I like Canales a lot as both a player and person. He is very young, but I am sure he will play a lot this season, as will I.


I have another three years on my contract and I want to stay here because I like Real Madrid a lot.

Playing time:

The season is very long and I am confident that I will play a lot. There is nothing that scares me.


Ricardo Carvalho is a fantastic player for us. He has a lot of experience and we are glad he will be joining us. The coach knows what he wants. We all like Carvalho a lot. He has always played at the top of his game at Chelsea. I am sure he will help this team a lot.


I am thrilled with Mourinho’s way of working. Training sessions are very intense and always include the ball. We are all putting forth our best effort. Doing so much ball work is good for us because it allows us to get into a rhythm for matches.


I am very happy for Spain. They played better than we did in the World Cup final. They have a great team. Hats off to all Spaniards.


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