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Mourinho press conference

Jose Mourinho discussed Real Madrid’s friendly against Bayern and several other club matters during Sunday’s post-training press conference.

Mourinho: "We played very well against Bayern and with a great attitude"

Current performance:

I am very happy with the players I have. I cannot expect any more than what the team is giving me with such little work under our belts. I am happy with my team. We still aren’t a team tactically-speaking, but our attitude can’t be any better. That is where we are a team.

The Bayern game:

Bayern were in top form after winning the German Super Cup. Preseason matches are played to win or to increase competitiveness. We are playing against teams that have been preparing for much longer than we have. That is where we are having difficulty. I watched the match two more times and we had seven chances of scoring. We played very well against Bayern and with a great attitude.


Garay’s injury may be more severe than what we expected, but not Pepe’s. If he isn’t ready to go for the first match, he will be for the second. We have a great defense and we don’t find ourselves in a worrisome situation.

Casillas’ heroics:

Casillas is here to make saves, which is why he is the best goalkeeper in the world.

Standard Liege:

The players who will start against Standard Leige on Tuesday are Casillas, Arbeloa, Albiol, Ramos, Drenthe, Gago, Lass, Van der Vaart, Granero, Higuain and Benzema.


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