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Standard Liege 1-1 Real Madrid | Post-match comments

Mourinho: "We couldn't afford not to sign a player like Ozil"

Jose Mourinho addressed the media after the match in Liege and said he is happy with the signing of Ozil.

I am very happy with the signing of Ozil. Aside from what the coach thinks the team may need, the Club has worked very hard and made great efforts to come up with a team in the best possible conditions. Real Madrid has invested a sum sufficient to get its coach to respect the entity and its sports, management and financial departments.

Ozil is creative and more offensive than Gago or Lass. He is similar to Canales. I hope tactical work and the natural disposition German players have to work hard allow us to use him in one of the more defensive positions of our midfield.

I cannot bring Ozil’s and Canales’ progress to a standstill. I hope the latter continues to have the same mentality he’s showcased so far. Everyone says wonders about him and I like him very much. He will enjoy many minutes of playing time on this team if he doesn’t change.

The most important thing for Van der Vaart tonight was to do things well and to show his coach he is ready to play for this team. Rafael did well and he has the Club’s and my respect for everything he did last year. It isn’t a problem to have Rafael and Ozil on the pitch at the same time. They could offer solutions to the team together.

Raul Albiol, Sergio Ramos and goal scorer Rafael van der Vaart shared their views on the game and the signing of Ozil with the media.


Ozil is a great signging. He proved his worth in the World Cup, performing at a very high level. We are still in the preseason and tonight’s game was useful to correct mistakes and to get into shape for our first league clash against Mallorca.


Everything that may add to the team is good. We are very happy with Ozil’s singing and we will help him adapt as soon as possible. We would have liked to win tonight, but Liege have been working out longer than us. We tried to the end but failed to win.

Van der Vaart:

I will work hard for a spot on the team. I think my goal was very nice. I wish to stay at Real Madrid. The Club always wants to have great players and Ozil is a quality footballer.


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