Para Siempre Blanco

Adán press conference

Antonio Adan is facing with great motivation one of the most important challenges in his career. The goalkeeper addressed the media following this morning’s training session.

"Mourinho has the ability to make every single player in the squad feel special and worthy"


Mourinho has already proven he is an excellent coach. When a team wins it is because it has something special. What’s special here is Mourinho’s winning character, which is transmitted to the players. His closeness has also surprised us. He has the ability to make every single player in the squad feel special and worthy. This motivation is shown in the training sessions. He counts on the academy players and he was present in all of the presentations that have concerned the academy teams this preseason.


The coach wants us to do our best during the entire ninety minutes. We work very intensively to make things difficult for Mourinho.


Ozil joins Real Madrid after proving his worth in the World Cup. He has great potential and great room for improvement.


I want to be prepared to fight for a spot on the team with Casillas, who is the best goalkeeper in the world. After fourteen years playing for Real Madrid I cannot miss this opportunity. It is hard for Casillas to miss a game, but I nevertheless have to be ready and that is why I am working extremely hard.

Squad’s mindset:

The squad can’t wait for La Liga to start. We like to compete and we are anxious for points to be at stake in our games. The other teams have been preparing very hard as well but we only think about ourselves and how to be better.


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