Para Siempre Blanco

Arbeloa press conference

Alvaro Arbeloa addressed the media following this morning’s training session and talked about his views on the team.

"Real Madrid has changed and we want to win every title"

Position in the team:

I have more chances to make the starting lineup now that the team has three injured defenders, but no one likes to play because other team-mates are injured. I want them to recover as soon as possible so that all of us are ready.


We have two true strikers and also men like Cristiano and Di Maria, who can play in any midfield or attacking position. The signings depend on the coach and the Club. We obviously hear talk of many great players but we aren’t concerned about that.

Right, left or center:

I don’t see myself playing in any specific position. Marcelo and Drenthe are also left backs. Any position would be good for me because what I want is to help the team in order to accomplish our objectives. We need to fight for a spot so we can play games. I am just a part of the squad and I don’t consider myself being inferior or superior to the rest of the players.

Starting line up:

We have a new coach who is coming up with the squad he wants. We want our team to get better every year so we can be more confident when taking on the season. We work hard to win every title. Real Madrid is different now that we have new players and a new coach. Hopefully, we’ll do better this season. This can be clearly seen during the intense trainings. All of us want to be part of the team.

Use of academy players:

Mourinho is counting on academy players for the time being. They train with us during the sessions and, hopefully, they could take advantage of any chance they get. Players who have started from the bottom, like me, want other players in the same situation we were in to succeed.


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