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Hercules 1-3 Real Madrid | Post-match comments

Marcelo, Granero and Di Maria agree: "The team improves with every game"

Marcelo, Di Maria and Granero shared their views on the match against Hercules with the media. Youth teamers Juanfran, Joselu and Mateos were thrilled with coming on in the second half of the match against Hercules.

Di Maria:

I’m happy because I scored my first goal with the Real Madrid shirt. We played well. Real Madrid always wants to win. We did well in the first half and we turned the score around in the last 45 minutes. Mourinho is happy and satisfied with our work. We have to carry on like this.


The preseason games show Mourinho’s influence on the team. The team improves with every match.


We are doing a good job. We increasingly feel better and we are anxious for La Liga to start.


I feel proud for making my debut with this team. Mourinho has given us a chance and we will use it well. I am thrilled and happy.


I waited a long time for this. It means a lot. You feel many different things and you remember your family and friends in moments like these. It is very important that Mourinho counts on the academy.


We are very grateful to the coach for giving us the chance to play with the first team in the preseason. The coach has congratulated us for our performances. The first team players are being very nice to all of us.


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