Para Siempre Blanco

Mourinho press conference

Jose Mourinho addressed the media the day prior to the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy.

"Benzema and Higuain have potential that is hard to find in other players their age in Europe"


I can’t expect more from the preseason. I haven’t had much time to work with my men because they joined the team gradually throughout the summer, but I’m happy with the attitude showcased by players who wish to work and improve. Good results will come easier the more we work. I don’t expect the team to be in top form tomorrow, nor against Mallorca. I expect positive reactions to the friendlies we’ve played so far.

Higuain and Benzema:

Higuain and Benzema would be the perfect striker together. Since this is impossible, they both have to improve, but they nevertheless have ten years ahead of them and also potential that is hard to find in other players their age in Europe.

Summer signings:

I agree with the Club. It’s made important financial efforts and the current squad has great quality. We’ll need luck in order to avoid problems during the season. I am grateful to the Club for making such a great effort to sign quality players.

Trimming the squad:

We have 26 players right now and we want there to be 25. Someone will leave, but no one else will arrive. The decision of who might leave will depend on the player’s perception of the chances he may or may not have of playing this year. I cannot understand players who wish to stay at a club knowing they will hardly get any chances to play.

The Bernabeu trophy lineup:

I will not share the lineup with you because the players still don’t know what I will do tomorrow. I don’t want them to find out through the press. I’ve called up 23 players, but I wish to have 22 for the match; just two goalkeepers as opposed to three. Ramos, Ronaldo, Casillas and Alonso didn’t play against Hercules and they will play 70 or 80 minutes tomorrow. This will be our first home game. They all did well in the preseason and therefore deserve to play.

Academy players:

The academy deserves it all and we will have to wait for the right time. A youth teamer can’t face fire without being ready. It would mean his end as opposed to his start. We must know how to wait. Eight youth teamers have played several minutes with us this month.

Ronaldo as a striker:

Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t a centre forward. He loses many of his characteristics in that position. He could offer us a solution in that position if needed, just as Ramos and Khedira could in the goal if we lose two goalkeepers.


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