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Real Madrid 2-0 Peñarol | Post-match comments

Mourinho: "To stand undefeated at the end of the preseason is very good indeed"

Jose Mourinho was satisfied with his team’s performance, but regretted Fernando Gago’s injury.

There have been positive and negative things tonight, just like in any other game. We’ve played two fixtures in three days and we had to control the amount of minutes played by all our men, including those from the academy. The worst thing tonight was Gago’s injury because it looks serious.

Tonight’s match was a realistic test because many teams in La Liga will play against us like Peñarol did tonight. They will focus on defending and will showcase positive aggressiveness. It wasn’t important to win tonight, but winning is always positive and to stand undefeated at the end of the preseason is very good indeed. We have to be more patient, move the ball better and pressurise more in attack.

Our preseason was very difficult. We’ve had little time to come up with a new style taking into account the team has a new coach and six new players. We are satisfied with our work so far and we will improve with time. It will be easier to improve by winning.

This is a very young squad, but full of quality. We have European champions, World Cup winners and Ballon d’Or players. We have the emotional quality needed to play in any competition. What matters is that we have room to grow, to be solid and to play at a medium-high level while being consistent in our style and results.

I don’t like Lass much as a full back, but he does very well nevertheless. He keeps possession. He has greater quality to construct the team’s game than natural defenders.

My decisions are the product of circumstance and of what my players have to offer. It’s a shame Mateos can’t join us, but I like him a lot and I would like him to be part of the first team.

I like Van der Vaart. He played less today because we had to play other men that needed more playing time. Cristiano had to play more today because he didn’t face Hercules.

Di Maria is going to grow as a player. He is 21 years old, creative and unbalancing. It is hard to stop him once he’s on the run.

Mallorca are the same side they were last year and they will face us at their stadium, so the game will be difficult. Nevertheless, we are Real Madrid and we will do our best to take three points.

Marcelo and the academy’s Juanfran and Mateos shared their views on the match with the media.


We wanted to end the preseason on a high note. We’ve improved a lot. We will face many teams like Peñarol this season, teams that mainly focus on defending against us. We hope to celebrate many titles at the end of the campaign.

We are trying to help the new players adapt to the team. They are all quality footballers and we hope to be successful with them at the end of the season.


The important things is to keep this winning streak up in order to have guarantees of winning the title in La Liga. Mourinho will give youth teamers a chance. That’s what we’re here for.


Mourinho has faith in me and in the academy. We are grateful for his support in every match. I am proud for making my debut at the best stadium in the world. I am delighted to have played all those minutes. The fans supported us tonight and we dedicate this victory to them.

Angel di Maria scored a phenomenal goal against Peñarol that earned him the Man of Match award in the 32nd edition of the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy, which marked his debut at the legendary stadium as a Madridista.

I am very happy with the game we played and with the goal I scored. We did well to end the preseason with a victory.  We played well in the first half and we luckily scored in the second.  I was a bit nervous before the match, but everything went well in the end.

I hope to earn a place in the starting lineup. We all work hard for that and I will do my very best in training sessions and in the games I play to make the starting eleven. We want to have a good start to the league and to earn a victory in our first game. We work hard to be 100% in shape.


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