Para Siempre Blanco

Xabi Alonso press conference

Xabi Alonso discussed the team’s intentions for their first official match on Sunday.

Xabi Alonso: "We want to win and make people happy. The squad has been working very hard in order to be confident and earn a victory"

The team’s condition:

The team is still evolving. The internationals rejoined the squad throughout the preseason following the World Cup. The coach needs time for the players to act out his new ideas on the pitch. We have to continue working, but we will improve with time. Winning is the only thing that counts at Real Madrid. The schedule is very tight and we will play almost every Tuesday or Wednesday.


We want to win and make people happy. The squad has been working very hard in order to be confident and win the game against Mallorca. It is very important to being the season with a victory and avoid mistakes. We will have time to talk about the Champions League draw and the teams we are facing, but now we are only focused on the match against Real Mallorca.


Every coach has his own methods, but Mourinho has a very special way of working; standing united accomplishes positive results. Mourinho is very straightforward with his ideas and he also plays his ‘own game’ off the pitch.

Role in the team:

I have to balance out the midfield: I have to keep the ball rolling fast and control the game. It is not very different from what I have been doing in the past. Canales is very natural, he is a good guy and he has adapted to the team very well. He really wants to learn and he also has great potential and foresight. He is very young and lucky to play at Real Madrid. He has a very promising future.


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