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All Said and Done Mourinho is not Harry Potter

Jose Mourinho

Who needs Harry Potter when we can have him?

Before I get into explaining what the Harry Potter title is all about let me complete a couple of formalities. The following statement was released by our club’s official website earlier today or very late yesterday:

Real Madrid C. F. and Tottenham Hotspurs have reached an agreement for the transfer of Rafael van der Vaart to the English club. The Premier League has accepted the transfer following its authorisation by the Spanish FA and the English FA.

And that means Rafael is officially out. Real also have set straight a couple of facts; Sporting Director Miguel Pardeza confirmed the deal reached between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspurs regarding the transfer of Rafael van der Vaart to the latter club and also denied allegations made by Tottenham’s coach that Bayern Munich had offered 21 million Euros for the player. Also he confirmed that the Drenthe loan deal was not a part of a disposal plan but a move to give the player some playing time.

Moving on to news from the training ground, with more than twelve players from the first team absent due to international matches along with manager Jose Mourinho (who is currently attending the Elite Club Coaches’ Forum in Nyon), Castilla coach Alejandro Menendez and Aitor Karanka led the team’s training session for the day.  Apart from that the only other important news with reference to training would be the fact that Pepe trained yet again at the same pace as his team mates and did so without any incidents.

Speaking about Mourinho, one of the reasons why Jose Mourinho is loved by all is because of his ability to cover the audience with the words he chooses to use. The following is just an example of that. Spanish daily AS caught up with our boss in an interview in which he spoke about his current job and the current scenario at Real Madrid. Here is an abstract from it for you.

Look, I’m a coach, I’m not Harry Potter. He is magical, but in reality there is no magic. Magic is fiction and football is real. I have been in Madrid a couple of months and we’ve had 40 training sessions. Do you know how many training sessions we have had together, including the new signings? Not 10. I repeat: not 10.

We lack so much right now. There are key things to do when a team isn’t in top form. One of them is to defend well. It is easier to defend well than to do so in attack. It is easier to be organized in defense. We defended very well in Mallorca; we had no problems close to the goal.

A team that lacks form has two or three chances on goal at the most. How many did we have? Seven or eight is the answer – too many for a team that is still under construction. We have to capitalize on those chances.

Early matches are always very strange. Bayern lost this weekend, Inter drew, Juventus lost, Manchester United drew with Fulham.

I do not see a draw as a drama on the first day. Winning this game was not a pre-requisite for a great season. But I’m not going to lie; obviously I wanted to win my first game.

The easiest thing for me would have been not to change anything, to play like we played last year and keep the structure that already existed. That would have been easier to start the season, but it would have been misleading. That’s not the direction that I want to go.

I’d like to say something to superstitious people. I started all my seasons at Porto and Inter Milan with draws. I ended up winning four titles with the former team. With Inter I won two in my first season and three the following year. It doesn’t matter how you start, but rather how you end. I don’t think it is dramatic at all to draw your first game, but I’m not a hypocrite and I admit I would have loved to win in my official debut. I believe in what’s real and I know the future does not depend solely on one game.

It’s not easy for the Germans. They do not speak a word of Spanish. They can just say ‘buenos dias’ and ‘hola’. The work we do is intense and luckily I have an assistant who speaks some German and has given them my instructions. But it’s not easy for my message to get across as I wish. In addition, the social life of the group is still zero for them. Patience. Give them time.

I joined the team because I wanted a hard job. I came to Real Madrid because it needs to have stability once and for all. I like people to feel pressure.

This is my team and we will try to win it all. We are ambitious; we are Real Madrid.

The final line is still ringing in my ears.




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