Para Siempre Blanco


Jose Mourinho

Discussing issues with the man himself

When you are a fan of a club that is managed by Jose Mourinho you hardly run out of things to talk about. And right now I do have enough on my hands to put forward whatever I have in mind. Then again, more than what’s in my mind whatever Jose Mourinho says is always more interesting. But what the hell, this is my blog; I say what I want to say. So I guess the best solution is to combine the two. What I will be doing here is, well, why don’t you find it out yourself?

The first issue that Jose and I would be discussing would be about missing out on signing another striker for the squad. Real Madrid currently has exactly two strikers in Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema and a pseudo striker in Crisitiano Ronaldo. I wanted us to sign another striker, not exactly a star, but someone who could play whenever needed and score the occasional goal or two given a chance. Even though Drogba, Dzeko, Tevez et al. wouldn’t fit my bill, someone like Negredo or Llorente would definitely have. All that we needed was back up.

Mourinho does not differ with me in his opinion about signing another striker. He admitted that Real missed out signing another striker but then said that being Real Madrid making deals are not that easy.

I wanted another striker; Higuain and Benzema are not enough. Transfer dealings are not easy with Real, if you move a finger a storm breaks out.

That’s that and we shall move on. And since we are talking about new signings, the best place to go would be the issue surrounding Ozil and Khedira and the rumors that they are not comfortable at all in Madrid. Reports emanating from Madrid say that Khedira and Ozil are finding it real hard to adapt to life in Madrid as they know zero Spanish and there aren’t many German speaking staff at Real. Some say that it was a mistake from Real to have gone and bought the two German youngsters. Well, I don’t think so. What about you Jose?

These two are good players, young, and they were in the last year of their contracts. We paid €25million (£20.7m) (for the pair), that’s a competitive price.


Next on the agenda, is the game at Mallorca. It was definitely not the brightest of starts. Real lacked almost everything. No class, no coordination. And that in turn has caused a lot of pressure – both on the club and on Mourinho. Unfair pressure I would say. Guardiola too started off with a loss – that too at Numancia. They wrote him off then. But look at what he is capable of now. Let’s see what Jose has to say about the pressure he is facing.

This is Madrid and you can’t change it. If you can’t live with this pressure its best not to accept the job.

At this stage of my career it was the best time for such an experience. After Chelsea and Inter Milan, after 10 years of success and big clubs, after a demanding league such as Italy, I have the right age and maturity. I have to be prepared tactically for the possibility that we lose the ball and we get jeered. And then find some solutions to open up closed defenses.

And since I brought Pep into the topic, I shall go ahead and talk about the cunts for the first time this season. Did I say cunts? I meant the cules. Anyhoo, after going two seasons without a win against my favorite enemy FC Barcelona, I cannot wait to do something about it. Kidnap Messi maybe? Well, Jose has other, far better ideas.

It is possible to neutralize Barcelona by imposing your own style. In order to defeat them you have to feel no fear and fight them in midfield.

So what’s that style going to be? You played Samuel Eto’o at left back the last time you played them. What are you gonna do this time around Jose? Play Ronaldo as a center half? And what about going beyond 2-0 in your matches?

My Real Madrid will try to win every game and will always take risks. No one should doubt that. My Real Madrid will not be afraid to lose. My Chelsea scored more goals than any other team in Premiership history until last year, which saw Chelsea breaking their own record. We also won more consecutive games than anyone else.

If we are gonna score as many goals as Chelsea did last season then there is one man in our team who probably would have a vital hand in helping us achieve it. No, I am not talking about the new and revitalized Karim Benzema. I am in fact talking about CR7. But then again, seeing him against Mallorca, I too like the rest, felt that he was a bit out of sorts. He looked tamed and very restricted somewhat – as though he had lost the independence Pellegrini had given him. What say Jose?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s football upringing is British. He respects fair play. He has nothing to prove to me in a game because he shows me what he is capable of during each training session at Valdebebas. More or less goals will never make me doubt his quality because it is unquestionable. He may look too anxious, but I just think he is extremely high spirited during each game.

Alright then, the Champions League now and more importantly AC Milan; Ibrhimo-bitch and Robin-whore have both combined to make AC Milan look even more similar to a brothel than Berlusconi already did. They do look threatening, don’t they? The front four of Ronaldinho, Pato, Robinho and Ibrahimovic combined with the cheap-fucks like Gattuso, Nesta and Ambrosini along with a few normal players like Pirlo and Seedorf – well they do provide us with a mix. What do you think of them?

With Ibrahimovic and Robinho, this is another Milan. Robinho and Ibrahimovic are among the best in the world. Certainly Milan is much stronger than it was a year ago. The Rossoneri are among the teams that can win the Champions League.

I no concur. They suck even more this season. They now have a bunch of heavy headed whoremongers who are ineffective unless they are shown a lot of green. But considering that Berlusconi spends most of his green on Viagra and whorehouses I guess Milan would continue to be a pack of cunts that they were. Do you miss kicking their butts? What about this Allegri dude? Bah, I care not.

OK. Now the other side of Milan and first and foremost – what the hell is going on between you and Moratti?

I do speak to [Inter Milan president Massimo] Moratti every week. We are friends. He is part of my history just as I’m part of his.

Whatever dude. Now that fat Rafa is their incharge, what are your hopes for them? Avoid relegation perhaps?

I hope with all my heart that Inter wins the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and the FIFA Club World Cup, but not the Champions League. But I am a professional and when I end a chapter, I end it without regrets.

Thank you Mr.Mourinho. It has been a pleasure talking to you.

And before I round off this post a little more on what I had touched upon earlier in the post – Sami Khedira’s life at Real. I would be lying if I write here that Khedira is having good fun out there away from Momma Khedira. He is finding it tough but what’s good about it is the fact that he knows that is how it will be and he has to fight with it if wants to play for Real Madrid. He admitted that whatever is happening here is very foreign indeed to him but that he and his compatriot Ozil are coping with it.

Everything must be perfect. Definitely, the first few weeks are not easy. When you get to a new country and do not speak the language and your team is criticized by the media in the first game, you wonder what you have let yourself in for.

You have to be extremely strong to bear it, but for me it was clear from the beginning that if you go to Real Madrid, you have to contend with the highest of standards.

The way Real Madrid play is completely new to me. I can’t change the way I have been playing for almost twenty years in just three weeks. However, I know I am doing well and improving.

His other issue was the language. The German admitted that his coworkers are helping him out.

What’s most remarkable is that the team is packed with international stars but there is still a down-to-earth atmosphere. Cristiano Ronaldo has already given me advice. Xabi Alonso speaks perfect English. Diarra, who is my main competitor for a place in the midfield, has already told me about the nature of the game in Spain.

My Spanish is getting better. After the match with my national team, I will take three Spanish lessons a week. If you play for the best club, everything has to be perfect. I am fully aware of this fact and so is Mesut Ozil.

Until later,

Para Siempre Blanco!

Hala Madrid!!


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