Para Siempre Blanco

From One Special One to Another

Zinedine Zidane

"Mourinho is the man."

There aren’t too many people in the world who don’t believe that Real Madrid are destined to succeed under the tutelage of Jose Mourinho. Even if there are other people who think, there would hardly be any Madridistas who would doubt Jose’s credentials and the destiny that awaits us. But if there are such pessimistic Madridistas who think so, they would definitely be wiped off the face of the Earth after hearing what I have to say.

Zinedine Zidane believes that Jose Mourinho has all the qualities needed to help Real Madrid topple Barcelona and become the dominant force in Spanish and European football once again. Zizou is confident that the arrival of Mourinho will thrust Real back into the limelight saying:

Mourinho brings what was missing to this team. Barca are going well, but this year Madrid can do something important. The way Barcelona play now it’s hard to be at their level, but Madrid have the players and coach to beat them.

Zizou, also believes that Mourinho should take a leaf out of the Cules’ book and demonstrate that Real, too, have a wealth of talent in their youth teams, capable of making the grade.

Now, they must also think of the youth system. Barca have done very well with theirs lately and have brought in four or five players.

Did he say that with Enzo in mind? The legendary Zinedine Zidane’s son Enzo is a part of the Real’s youth system and is eligible to play for both Spain and France. Zizou when asked which country his son would represent refused to rule out the possibility that he might play for Spain ahead of France.

Anyhoo as far as what Zizou actually said is concerned, with all due respect to Zizou and the club, I am not sure whether we have the strength and the depth that an academy needs down there. Selling the likes of Rodrigo Moreno and Marcos Alonso and also the possible sale of Pablo Sarabia will only deteriorate the current strength of Castilla and by no means ameliorate it. Let’s just not pull that string.

Real play Osasuna this upcoming weekend and both Carvalho and Pedro Leon are fired up for the game. While Carvalho promised that the team will do its best to win in order to earn our first victory this season Pedro Leon emphasized that the team needs to be more tightly knit in order to stand a chance against Camacho’s men. The former Getafe winger said:

We need to play well and as a tight knit group in order to have a chance to win. It won’t be easy, however. I am sure it is going to be a difficult match. Although Osasuna drew their first match, they are a battle-hardened team that will pressure a lot. I am sure they will give us some trouble.

Until next time,

Para Siempre Blanco!

Hala Madrid!!


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