Para Siempre Blanco

Kaka to

Despite the fact that Kaka is living out some of the greyer days of his career, the Brazilian midfielder is slowly starting to smile again. He feels little discomfort in his knee and he is as anxious as ever to return to the pitch for Real Madrid.


"I work very hard to return the support shown by fans, my team-mates and the club"

How do you feel?

My knee doesn’t hurt any more. It has been a month since I had surgery and everything is going well. I spend many hours doing physiotherapy, which is helping me a lot.

It looks like you are starting to smile again after a month of hard work.

Yes, mainly because my knee is getting better, which makes me happy. I am anxious to get back to work.

Your team-mates’ support has being very important to you.

The squad has been helping a lot. You saw Cristiano Ronaldo come joke around with me, but there are many other players who have dealt with similar injuries and who I talk to frequently. I thank all of them for the support they have shown.

The only thing you have thought about since your operation on 5 August has been working hard to rejoin the squad.

I asked the doctors how long I would need to recover and play again. They said it depends on me and my progress. I am committed to doing everything I can to recover as soon as possible and return to work.

Do you feel everything is going according to plan and that soon you can rejoin the squad? The doctors say sometimes they have to drain the fluid from your knee…

I am following the doctors’ and physiotherapists’ instructions. It is true I sometimes would like to do a bit more because I really want to start working with the team again. I know many things depend on me and I am going to do everything I can to recover.

You must be thinking about playing again at the Bernabeu.

I can’t wait to start playing again. It is very hard to watch games because I really want to join my team on the pitch and help my team-mates in a more direct way. However, I have to be patient because I still have a lot of work to do off the field.

What do fans say?

People always have nothing but nice things to say to me and they are also very supportive. They are helping me a lot. I am very motivated by the support and affection I receive when out and about.

The best way to return that support is by working hard to return as soon as possible.

Definitely. By working hard and doing my best to start playing and to play well. I work very hard to return the support shown by fans, my team-mates and the club.


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