Para Siempre Blanco

Mourinho press-conference

Jose Mourinho addressed the media the day before making his league debut at the Bernabeu.

Mourinho: "I know what team I will use; all my men are important"


It will be a difficult match, but I am accustomed to playing before audiences who want their team to play well. It also happened at San Siro and Stamford Bridge. These are great clubs, accustomed to success, so it isn’t a problem.

Home Record:

Right now, we are focusing on taking risks to win. Our goal is to win every game. It is more important to win three games and lose two than to draw five. I don’t want to achieve records; I want points. If we have only managed to draw the score tomorrow with ten minutes left in the game, I will take a risk to win come what may. Records are nice, but points are nicer.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo will be a starter. I am afraid of the possibility he may get injured again. I am afraid someone may hit him, but that’s normal in football. He has been training at least five hours a day at Valdebebas. The Medical Staff and the player say he’s 100% fit to play, so he has the same risk of getting injured as the rest of his team-mates. He will play because he is fit and because it will be a difficult game.

Starting XI:

I know what team I will use tomorrow. I think seriously about it to come up with the best option. Players have to think about each game at a time, but the coach has to be capable of looking ahead. Our most important match right now is the one against Osasuna. I won’t give you my full lineup because I would like to leave two or three positions unknown to give the opponent coach something to think about. I will only announce my starting eleven when my rival announces his. Ramos, Pepe Carvalho and Marcelo will surely play in defence. Khedira and Xabi Alonso will take on midfield duties. Cristiano will play with Higuain. I cannot confirm if Canales will be a starter.

Karim Benzema:

I like Benzema’s work with France. His goal was important to his team. He was tired and slightly niggled when he returned, but he’s worked well. Every player on this squad is important because we have games every two or three days. I haven’t been very lucky with our schedule, which complicates things. Benzema and Higuain are important to us. They have to do whatever’s necessary to meet our demands. Benzema did well in en Bosnia, but it is more important to me for a player to work well than to play well. Talented players have to work hard because talent is implicit. Benzema’s mentality has changed and he is currently working with personal ambition.

Team get-together:

Regarding the team get-together, I must say I think each of my decisions through very carefully. If those who work under me like them, fine; if they don’t, that’s fine as well.


I wish to thank Camacho for his kind words. We trained together in Portugal and we’ve never had a problem between us. We’ve always had great respect for each other. I admire him. Very few people in football aren’t hypocrites. Camacho is true, honest and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I hope the Bernabeu greets him as he deserves. I haven’t done anything for Real Madrid, but he has. He has Real Madrid in his blood. He won league titles at the Club and I hope the fans never forget this. I also hope he loses as a Madridista tomorrow.

Portuguese National Team:

I want Portugal to win regardless of the coach. Portuguese players have won Ballon d’Ors in the past, but the country’s football is going through a difficult situation. I don’t like to see Portugal lose or draw games. I hope things change. They have good enough players to turn the situation around. I would like Aragones to be the new national coach because he is very experienced, but my conviction is that national teams should be coached by men from the country itself. Having said that, whoever ends up coaching Portugal will have my support. It would be even better if I could help by working with Portuguese players for the national team.


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