Para Siempre Blanco

Mourinho press conference

Jose Mourinho discussed his thoughts on his first official win as head coach of Real Madrid.

Mourinho: "We didn't have any trouble on defense and we haven't conceded a goal in two games"

The match:

I don’t think it was a very complicated match. Winning was quite easy. Casillas didn’t have to make any saves and we didn’t find ourselves in trouble. We lacked some clarity and calmness when it came time to building plays, but it will all come in due time. We could have played at a different level had we scored a second goal.

The formation:

Playing with three forwards was a bit of a risk because I didn’t have another one on the bench. The fact that Benzema got the start is a vote of confidence for him. He knows that he can play alongside Cristiano and Higuain. He looked motivated and did a good job. Playing with three attackers is possible, but those three players also have to defend and pressure like we did in the second half.

Not scoring:

I cannot be worried about any of my forwards because they are all talented and have had successful careers. I am not upset with them in any way. They cannot feel the pressure I put on them and I am sure they will answer with three goals one day. They helped out by recovering the ball, running back to defend and by sprinting towards the opponent’s goal. This is a team. I liked how Pipita performed.

Risk factor:

This is a competition comprised of twenty teams. Anyone can beat anyone and every match is risky for all of us. We know our opponents are strong enough to win.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano did great and I am pleased with his performance. It was important that he play the entire match because he hadn’t competed in fifteen days, but rather worked out a lot in the gym to recover. His ankle is fine and he shouldn’t have any problems come Wednesday. Every one of my players will improve.


Ozil makes is look so easy but with difficult decisions. Sometimes the easiest plays are the hardest to execute. He provided key dynamic today. He is growing as a player. It is important for the new players to earn their spot and increase their confidence.

Champions League:

I am not at all relaxed heading into Wednesday because it is the Champions League and Ajax has already played four matches in the competition and ten official games in total. They should be somewhat more fit that us. Despite the fact that we have had trouble building plays, finishing and picking out the rhythm of matches, we are the favorite and we must win because it is crucial to get off to a good start in the Champions League. Ajax’s style of play is different to that of Osasuna, so it should be quite a different match than today. They have some very talented players.


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