Para Siempre Blanco

Higuain press conference

Gonzalo Higuain is very motivated for the Champions League match against Ajax tomorrow.

Higuain: "Mourinho is a great coach and his experience will be key in this competition"


Mourinho is a winner; he’s always proved this. That’s why he was signed and we hope to take Real Madrid where it deserves together with him.

Champions League:

The Champions League is an important competition and we hope to take the Club to the very top in Europe, to the Wembley final. We’ve been eliminated in the Last 16 for some years now, something inadmissable at a club like Real Madrid.

Taking chances:

We shouldn’t worry about not scoring more form the many chances on goal we had on Saturday. What matters is that we continue to improve as a team. I hope we capitalise more on our chances against Ajax.

Playing with two other forwards:

We forwards feel comfortable when the three of us play together, but what’s important is that those who make the starting lineup do their best.


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