Para Siempre Blanco

Alonso press conference

Xabi Alonso will face Real Sociedad, the team where he began his career, on Saturday.

Xabi Alonso

"There will be three points at stake against Real Sociedad, so we will be opponents for 90 minutes"


There will be three points at stake against Real Sociedad, so we will be opponents for 90 minutes, although I’ve always been and always will be a Real Sociedad supporter. It’s always nice to go back home. They’ve always greeted me well over there.

Key players:

Ozil is a very good footballer. He has good timing, works from the back and has great vision. His work on the team is fantastic and I believe he may become an important player in the future. Cristiano Ronaldo is not anxious. He just wants to help the team and I’m sure he will score again. Karim Benzema is a quality striker. He may be introverted, but his devotion to the team is solid.


Mourinho isn’t a defensive coach. His Chelsea was demolishing. We want to win our games with authority and to become a competitive team. I hope we keep up the tendency we showcased yesterday. The coach focuses on small details when he analyses our opponents and every player he has ever coached speaks highly of him. Everything he says in the press has been previously said to us.


Our forwards are helping out by defending in attack, which I believe is rather practical for the team. It is harder for opponents to attack if we have control of the game. We are doing a good job, but we must correct some mistakes to be even better. Our system is dynamic, fast, but it may change depending on each situation.


Goal scorers have streaks, so I’m not worried about the lack of chances converted. I’m more concerned about how the team works and how we adapt to the coach’s ideas. We will score more when we become a tighter side.


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