Para Siempre Blanco

Granero press conference

Esteban Granero addressed the media following the training session held at Valdebebas this morning.

Esteban Granero

"We believe we can and must be on top of Barcelona this year"


We found it hard to get the feel of yesterday’s game and Real Sociedad were also strong. We reacted well in the second half. They scored the equaliser when they least deserved it. We reacted to that and earned a victory. We are excited about defeating Espanyol at our stadium. We’ve had a good start to the league and we must keep it up. We believe we can and must be on top of Barcelona this year.

Heavy Fixtures:

We play many games in a short amount of time, but this squad is solid enough to pull through.

Players Mentality:

Ozil and Khedira have adapted well despite the language barrier. Their performances are helping them. It makes it look easier. They will surely bring much to the team and the squad has given them a warm welcome. I don’t believe Cristiano Ronaldo is anxious. He just has a lot of responsibility. I believe he is playing at a good level, better than last year. He is more relaxed and we are all convinced this will be a great year for him.


Atletico Madrid and Barcelona will be important opponents this year. Whatever happens tonight with Barcelona, we will still be ahead on the table. This is good, so we must keep it up, even if it doesn’t mean much at this stage.


I understand everything that’s being said about the possibility of Mourinho coaching the Portuguese national team, but it doesn’t concern me. The things he’s said don’t bother me and I don’t believe they could bother anyone.


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