Para Siempre Blanco

Mourinho press conference

According to Jose Mourinho, “the goal is to make this team as stable and consistent as possible” while Real Madrid also “continue winning.”

Jose Mourinho

Mourinho: "From a prestige standpoint, becoming coach of Real Madrid is like reaching the moon"


What I liked most about Saturday’s match is that we didn’t need 35 shots to score two goals like we did against Ajax.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo has made it this far thanks to both his skills and his shortcomings. That is how he won the Ballon d’Or, the Champions League, titles, prestige… He works hard every day and on the pitch. He provides a lot of help to his teammates. He is a fantastic player.

Canales’ injury:

Sergio Canales is very talented but he has a lot to learn. He’s on the right track and he works very hard. The kid has it all to be very good. It’s a shame he is injured and will be out some time, but he will return.

Why is this team struggling to score:

A team that is already built is one thing. Another is one that is in development. Once it is complete is when you can change five or six players around without affecting the dynamic.


The goal is to make this team as stable and consistent as possible. Development and stability are much more important that dynamics or the intensity that I can provide, which is why I don’t think I am ready to make any major changes to the team’s structure.

Is it the fixtures:

The issue isn’t the number of matches in such a short time. It’s not about having played two or three days ago. It’s about the accumulation of fatigue. We’ll be right back on the pitch in two days time.


Espanyol is a talented team that knows how to play good football. They will come here to win, just like every team does. We aren’t top in the table, but we’re right there. We have a lot of teams under us and few over us. We need to continue winning and maintaining stability.

Coaching Real Madrid:

From a prestige standpoint, becoming coach of Real Madrid is like reaching the moon. It is the most important club in the world. It means I’ve made it to the pinnacle, but I haven’t won anything yet. We will see if we make history, but it’s still history that has to be made.

The future:

The last ten years have passed very quickly. I am just as passionate now as I was when I started, and I don’t think anything will change over the next ten. I think I will be like Ferguson. I will be 70 years old and still be as passionate about coaching as I am now.


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