Para Siempre Blanco

Khedira press conference

Sami Khedira said the team deserved its victory against Espanyol yesterday and that the squad currently only thinks about facing Levante.

Sami Khedira

Khedira: "We work hard every day to find our own style"

Finding it hard:

I think it is understandable for players to find it hard to come to grips with a style when there is a new coach on a team. We work hard every day to find our own style. It’s difficult to win every game. We try to play well; we are still under construction. We played well against Ajax and we want to do even better than that in the future.


Our supporters want to see us play fast and offensive football, but the truth is we’ve played a game every two or three days in the last few weeks. We have to spread our efforts throughout 90 minutes. We deserved to win against Espanyol. We played an especially fast game in the second half. It wasn’t a great performance on our part, but we deserved to win. We have great players.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo is an excellent individualist player, but he is also an excellent team player. He plays with the team. He will help us take many points.


Mourinho’s style is clearly identifiable. He has a specific style, well-defined tactics and he is very disciplinary with his men. He uses a solid defence and a very offensive attacking front. He gives opponents few chances to score. I am very happy with the role I play on this team.

Champions League:

We currently only think about Levante. We’ll have time to think about the Champions League after the game.


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