Para Siempre Blanco

Carvalho press conference

Ricardo Carvalho is an essential piece in Real Madrid’s defence. The defender addressed the media following this morning’s training session.

"Our strength in defence is the result of team-work"

Mourinho’s motive:

The most important thing for Mourinho is to have a competitive team. In order to have that, we must be solid in defence, but he also likes his teams to be offensive. Our fans want us to play well and score many goals. We’ve been defending well so far and we also want to be good up front.


We know our supporters aren’t very happy because we haven’t been playing very well. We admit we can do better. What matters is we’ve earned victories, but we want to earn them by playing well. We are ready to do that.


Auxerre aren’t having a great run in the French league this season, but the championship has only just started.


Mourinho is the boss and we must respect that. We would like to spend more time at home, but we are professionals. We’ll do whatever he believes is best for us. The squad is happy.


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