Para Siempre Blanco

Mourinho press conference

Jose Mourinho said leading the table is being in a “privileged situation.” The coach also said he is happy with Benzema’s work of late.

Jose Mourinho

"I have a very good relationship with my players"

League leaders:

To be group leaders is not fundamental at the moment, but I would rather prefer it. It isn’t dramatic not being at the top, but the margin of error is smaller. Our situation is privileged, but meaningless now. The team is coming together with victories, which gives us confidence.

Replacing the turf at the Bernabeu:

The staff who replaced the pitch has done a fantastic job. I have never seen something quite like it in terms of quality, dedication and professionalism. A fungal disease is to blame for what has happened on the pitch and that was uncontrollable. Last year most of the pitches in Italy also suffered this. The people dealing with this problem both at the Santiago Bernabeu and at Valdebebas work very hard to maintain the pitches in perfect conditions. The Chief Groundskeeper is doing a fantastic job. Real Madrid signed him because he is very good at what he does and we have a lot of faith in him.


I like Benzema’s game and the way he is working with the team much more now. He is not playing entire games, but it is worth it. He knows what he has to give to the squad. I trust him more than I did two months ago. He is on the right path and now it is my turn to give him more opportunities because he deserves them.


I am happy with the team’s performance and Higuain is part of the team, which means I am happy with him. We will see more goals from him because he scored both in La Liga and in the Champions League when it seemed he was going through a crisis. There are many strikers who don’t score for months.

Being selfish:

Some players have specific characteristics and the best option is not to change. Some coaches believe a centre forward has to be selfish because their first touch on ball is always aimed at the goal. That’s positive selfishness and it is a characteristic typical of strikers who net many goals. You reach a perfect situation if you manage to combine such selfishness with team work. Our forwards are solid players who unsettle our opponents.

La Liga:

I worked in the Premierhsip when the championship was reaching its peak. All the great teams were at their best and we played extraordinary championships. It is more fragile now. For good or bad, things are always hard in Italy. Every game there is complicated. Spain is a mixture of all that. Teams here want to play well and compete. What you saw when Cristiano assisted Higuain and both of them embraced each other after the latter’s goal could be anything, but surely not selfishness.

Throwing the bottle:

The bottle I threw in San Sebastian was empty. I’m not stupid; I had already finished drinking it. The bottle was harmless and Rui Faria was not afraid. I wasn’t angry at Sergio; I was angry at everyone because we complicated things for ourselves in easy situations. I believe Sergio Ramos is a top player who has top mentality. I have a very good relationship with my men. Some of them don’t like the team get-togethers at home; I don’t want to hide that fact.

Gijon giving up:

We will probably need to take many points to win the league. Especially if some teams give up against Barcelona; they may believe they can’t win anyway and simply give up. That would make it harder for us.


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