Para Siempre Blanco

Arbeloa press conference

Alvaro Arbeloa discussed Saturday’s draw against Levante and the team’s upcoming Champions League game at Auxerre during Sunday’s post-training press conference.

Alvaro Arbeloa

Arbeloa: "We are all performing well on defensive duties, but we will continue to improve"

Not scoring:

We weren’t able to hit the target, but I doubt it’s a problem this team is going to have often. We have a lot of talent in attack. Levante fell back to defend at the very beginning, and attacking that kind of defense is very difficult. I am convinced we will score a lot of goals.


We are all performing well on defensive duties. We have a new coach, which requires going through an adjustment period. Playing for Real Madrid is one of the most demanding jobs there is, but we are doing everything we can to improve.

Dropping points:

Losing points is never pleasant because we know we might miss them once the season ends. What is done is done, so all we can do is analyze what took place and improve.

Champions League:

Tuesday’s match is going to be very difficult. Auxerre aren’t doing that well in the Ligue 1 right now, but the fact that they are playing Real Madrid will motivate them. We are very focused and we hope to earn the three points in play.


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