Para Siempre Blanco

Mourinho press conference

Jose Mourinho addressed the media in Auxerre the day prior to Real Madrid’s second game in this season’s Champions League.

"Benzema will be a starter because this is the time to build his confidence"


It is a pleasure for me to play at Auxerre’s stadium. They qualified after a fantastic season. I wish to congratulate Jean Fernandez and the whole team. We currently have three points and we want to continue with the positive start we had against Ajax. Real Madrid are in a very difficult group. Other teams are in groups more typical of the UEFA Cup than the Champions League, but we haven’t had that luck.

Three points:

Real Madrid, Ajax and Milan have won 20 European Cup titles between them. Auxerre represent French football, which has always been very strong. We want points. It will be better if we take three, that’s why we’re here. Every point taken is positive in this competition.

Playing at Auxerre:

I’m very happy to play here. It seems this is a great event for teams who don’t have a tradition in the Champions League. It is a beautiful time for the stadium and the people here. I hope people from Auxerre enjoy the match. I obviously want to win, but I hope they enjoy having Real Madrid here.


Benzema is working well, assimilating my personality and my way of looking at football. This is the time for me to build his confidence. He will be a starter tomorrow.

Hopes on the team:

My own experience in football allows me to remain calm and to have some weight to say I hope my team gives spectacle. I normally achieve what I strive for in football, but I can’t make any promises. Building a team has many stages and my team is doing well in every aspect of the game, but it isn’t scoring goals, or at least it isn’t scoring enough for the chances it gets. Goals will come; there’s no problem.

Dropping Pedro Leon:

I don’t have to justify Pedro Leon’s absence from the squad list. I will explain it to the President if he asks me about it. You talk of Pedro Leon as if he was Maradona or Zidane, but only two days ago he was playing for Getafe. He will play whenever he works like I want him to, and it will be more difficult for him to play when he doesn’t.


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