Para Siempre Blanco

Alonso press conference

Xabi Alonso addressed the media during a publicity act. The midfielder analysed the team’s performances of late, adding the team wants to defeat Deportivo to thirll their home crowd.

Xabi Alonso: "We are ambitious so as to improve on a daily basis"

Season so far:

I think we are trying to do our best, but we can still improve. We can do a better job collectively speaking. The more games we play, the more we get to know each other and the better we grasp the coach’s intentions, the more we will become stronger and competitive side. We are currently under construction and the team is working well. We are happy with our performances and we are ambitious so as to improve on a daily basis.


The balance we have between defence and attack is good. We don’t concede goals, so I hope we keep this up. We’ve had many chances to score, especially against Ajax, although we only won 2-0. We could have won against Mallorca and Levante. The scores we earn shouldn’t tarnish the work we do. I hope our aim improves, but I’m not worried about it. We will start scoring many strikes again one of these days. Goal scorers have streaks and ours will soon get their’s.


Our relationship with Mourinho is very honest. Everything he tells the media he’s told us beforehand. We have a clear idea of what we must do and the atmosphere in the dressing room is very good. Our coach has a very strong personality and a clear way of working both on and off the pitch. He tries to motivate us both on an individual and a collective level. He wants each of us to do our best.


We want to win against Deportivo by performing well. We did very well against Auxerre. We controlled the match and created good ball movement. We lacked more chances on goal because they were fierce in defence, but we did a good job nonetheless. We try to speak out on the pitch so that our fans enjoy watching us play both at home and away. I’m sure the Bernabeu crowd will respond positively to our game.


I always try to be as reliable as I possibly can and to help my coach and team-mates. I tend to think you are neither phenomenal when you have a great game nor a disaster when you don’t. You have to find a middle ground and remain calm. All of us in this project accept the responsibility and the pressure that come with playing for Real Madrid.


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