Para Siempre Blanco

Arbeloa to

Alvaro Arbeloa talked shop and spoke about the upcoming match against Deportivo.

"We usually have many chances on goal at the Bernabeu and I hope we net many strikes against Deportivo"

What does the team need to finish coming together?

We still have many things to improve on. A team always has to keep improving and there are always many things to work on. We are still on that path.

Real Madrid remain undefeated in Spain and Europe.

That is very important. It is vital for us to continue being a tough, hard team that doesn’t sell victory cheap. We want to get better and victories allow us to remain calm in the process.

Is the team worried about failing to capitalise on the many chances it gets to score?

We are excessively worried about our forwards having a rough patch. The most important thing is to improve in defence and assimilate the coach’s ideas. The team has great forwards and I am sure that, by the end of the season, they will have scored many times.

Do you think the team will score against Deportivo on Sunday?

I hope so. We usually have many chances to score when we play at the Santiago Bernabeu. Hopefully goals will come.

Is it special for you to play against Deportivo given that you played with them in the past?

It’s always nice. I was there for six months and they treated me very well. I still have many good friends on the team and, obviously, it is going to be very nice to play against them again.

What worries you the most about coach Lotina’s team?

They are not going through a good time and they need the points. That makes the team more dangerous and I am sure they have been training very hard to get something positive from their visit to Madrid.

What would you say to the fans in order to encurage them to trust the team?

I would tell them we are giving our best every week to keep improving and to make them go home with a feeling of satisfaction after each game. I would ask them to continue supporting us as they have been doing all the time.

You have only conceded one goal. What makes the defence so strong this season?

My team-mates are doing a good job. Forwards are more involved in defensive tasks and Mourinho’s work is great. He is making the team become very solid in defence.

How has Mourinho contributed to the team?

It is obvious Mourinho has a strong character and clearly knows what he wants. He has made us improve in terms of tactics.

How has Carvalho’s signing helped the team in defence?

He is very experienced. He has played at a very high level for years and he still makes a great contribution. He is helping the team with his experience, defensive intelligence and confidence.

What do you think about other new signings Khedira, Ozil, Canales, Di Maria and Pedro Leon?

They are very talented players and, more importantly, they have a bright future ahead of them. They are all young and I am sure they are going to thrill fans with great performances.

You have played both as a full back and as a centre back. Which position do you prefer?

I guess I feel more comfortable as a full back since I’ve been playing in that position for two or three years, but I started out as a centre back and I’d love to try that position out again some day. Maybe I feel that’s my natural position.

As an academy player, you should feel satisfied with Mourinho because he is giving many opportunities to players from the youth system.

It is very important that the coach relies on academy players, especially at Real Madrid. Players from the youth system should be happy and take advantage of these opportunities.

What motivates a player who has won it all with his national team?

To win everything with my club. When you experience success you always want more. I would love to win everything with Real Madrid’s shirt.

We know you have a passion for cinema. What title would you give to this film starring Mourinho’s Real Madrid?

I have no idea, but I’m sure it will have a happy ending.


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