Para Siempre Blanco


JM to CR: If you score tonight, I'll make sure that you score tonight.


On a day when I slept as many hours as I was awake I sit down here to right MHO of all the cunt-ly and un-cunt-ly stuff that’s happening in the Madridosphere. Forgive me if that was a bit too corny. I am doing my fair share of marketing for my blog and being corny is one of the ways to attract hot young women to a blog where there is nothing related to them except for pictures of cute men in shorts. Bah! Screw it.

AC Milan host Real Madrid on Matchday 4 of the UEFA Champions League tomorrow night at the San Zero knowing that Real needs three points to confirm qualification as leaders into the next round. Franco Baresi, the Milan legend, though, has no hopes of the smelly cunts avoiding a defeat. Baresi told Marca a lot of things about which I really don’t give a damn but what he did say about Real is what caught my attention. Baresi concurred that Real are indeed contenders to win the Champions League and that JM has built what he calls “a very competitive” side. He also said that the only difference between his Milan and our Real Madrid was the carelessness in defense as he said:

The Rossoneri have an excellent attack, but they are careless in defense.

IMHO Franco is seriously senile. What he says can and must be ignored. No defense which does not have a real goalkeeper cannot be deemed careless. Hell they cannot even be deemed as a defense. What’s the name of that smelly cunt who guarded their goal last time? Like I even care.

Ibrahimobitch though thinks otherwise.

Khedira spoke to bwin about the match yesterday and stressed that a clean sheet was all that was needed for us to win. He said that the team must help themselves all around the pitch and must not let Milan play their game. He also mentioned that considering their desperation for three points they might do anything to win tomorrow night even if that means using deodorants. The German said:

Milan have dangerous men, such as Ibrahimovic, Pato, Ronaldinho, Robinho, Seedorf, Boateng… They are all exceptional players, especially when you let them play their own game. Gattuso and Pirlo are also very dangerous. They can push you against the ropes if you don’t take them seriously. We will win if we concentrate hard on defending and if we help each other all over the pitch.

IMHO I agree with Sami. We will have to be at our best.

DYKT: Not only have Real Madrid won more European Cups than any other team, but they are also the winningest side in the competition (326) as well as its scoring team (699). Bayern are the second highest scoring team with 453.*

Real Madrid had their final workout today before heading to Milan. Gago and Lass were back training with the first team leaving Kaka and Garay as the only injured players in the squad. Considering the situation, I am waiting to see how Mourinho handles the situation when all the players are fit again especially the Khedira role. Sami has been a revelation in his position and both JM and FP are public admirers of the German. With Lass, Gago and Diarra all fit and ready to play it should be interesting to see who plays and who doesn’t. Lass btw has been linked with several English clubs over the past few weeks. IMHO I want Gago to be the number two there. As much as I love Lass, I feel that he seems to be having too big a mouth. Gago when at his best was sensational. I am sure JM can bring back the best in him. But then again, Lass is more of a utility player than Gago is. He can play at right back as well. So there is a lot of thinking to do and ergo I’ll leave it for JM to decide.

Moving on and away from European football, it has been decided that El Clasico will not be held on a Monday. Previously, there was an argument that El Derbi should be held on a Monday considering the fact that the cules had some election to deal with on the last weekend of November. But now it has been finalized and the game will be on Sunday but a little late in the evening. Reports emanating from Spain state that if the game kicks off at at 21:00 CET, the polling stations will have closed, solving the problem of the police providing security for the game and also allowing TV channels such as Canal + and Gol TV to show the match live at a more convenient time for their schedules. The announcement of the switch is likely to be made public later today. IMHO I really don’t care when the game is. All I am looking forward to is a Real Madrid victory.

Kun(t) Aguero has insisted that his Atleti have players capable of beating Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. IMHO I am beginning to thinking whether he is really as mad as Maradona is.

According to FP (in case you are wondering who that is – Florentino Perez), Mesut Ozil is the best player in the World. IMHO I don’t know how true the report is and TBF I don’t believe it. Just the gut which tells me that this report is hoax.

Gareth Bale is apparently a wanna-be Cristiano Ronaldo. And I am Batman.

Milan preview tomorrow.

Until later,

Para Siempre Blanco!

Hala Madrid!!

*Trivia courtesy


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