Para Siempre Blanco

De la Red, Green and Blue

My heart still beats... Real Madrid of course... I am not a ZOMBIE for heaven's sake...

Happy Diwali to all.

Its a Friday and we are now a day closer to El Derbi Madrileño. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will go head to head in our first Madrid derby of the season on Sunday at the Bernabeu at 21:00 CET. The last time we played Atleti at home we won (just like the previous zillion times that we played them) so I am guessing this one would be no different. Yeah, yeah Europa League champions blah blah. They’re still Atletico and we are still Real (As tempted as I was to type FOR real instead of still Real I am trying to refrain myself from sounding corny). I’ll be frank here and admit that I have no team news with me, so when it comes to that my guess is as good as yours.

What I am equipped with tonight is stuff about Ruben De la Red (No, you corrupt buffoons not Ruben De la Red’s stuff). As you all probably know by now Ruben De la Red has officially retired from all forms of football. The Spaniard had been diagnosed with a mysterious heart condition after this incident but still had his contract running with Real Madrid until this week when he decided to call it a day. As depressing as it was, the good news here was that Ruby would still be working with Real Madrid not as a player but as a coach shunting between Alejandro Menendez and Jose Mourinho so as to develop his abilities as a coach giving him a career alternative. This would apparently go on until his contract with Real expired. The former Spanish international then attended a press conference where he made a statement regarding the same along with Director General Jorge Valdano and the other top brass of Real Madrid C.F.

I am starting a very exciting stage in my carreer. I wish to send my support to all those players out there whose careers were also cut short. I am also very grateful to all the people who have supported me since I fainted. I’ve fought against this in vain and doctors advised me to stop. I always dreamt of becoming a football player and to be successful at this club, which is the greatest in the world. Real Madrid has watched me grow since I joined the Under-10 side and now it sees me retire from the game. I want to become a coach now. I may have a problem in my heart, but it still beats for Madridismo.

I am very excited and anxious to start this new stage in my career thanks to the Club. I will be able to continue to work at a place I regard as my home. I will try to learn the skills of a coach and I will give my all to be successful. I am very excited and will be eternally grateful to the Club. I’ve been watching football from a different perspective for quite some time now, while at the same time I’ve been preparing for this new stage. Real Madrid are currently one of the strongest teams in Europe.

He then mentioned about JM and his conversation with the boss. He said:

Jose Mourinho was very aware of my situation since day one and he was very clear when he spoke to me. He told me he counted on me if I was able to play, but if that wasn’t the case, he said he would be delighted to have me in his staff.

Valdano then appraised the press with De la Red’s exact job description:

This day marks a turning point in Ruben’s life. He ends his career as a player to focus all his passion for this sport on training. He is, from today, a part of Real Madrid’s Coaching Staff snd will start learning about what we do and how we come about it. He will also be part of Mourinho’s ‘lab’, in which every game is rigorously prepared. The objective is for Ruben to learn skills in order to apply them to whatever team he ends up being assigned to. He’s gone through all of the different teams the Club has and he will use that experience to continue to be a part of the world of football.

Javier Pastore and Gareth Bale are creating ripples in Europe. While Pastore is more of a Batman limiting himself to his Gotham City viz. Palermo, Bale seems to be like He-Man creating ripples around the universe as the next Lionel Messi/the next Ryan Giggs/Gareth Bale v2.0 and what-frikkin’-not. I am confident that we don’t need either of them and would do much better without them at least at this moment. One dude we could possibly do with is Romelu Lukaku. Recently CRon spoke about the Belgian Drogba to the press and seemed quite impressed by the Anderlecht man. We do need a number 9 and he is young. JM likes it young and fresh. Bah! Just fit the pieces and you’ll see the story.

Lass is being linked away for the umpteenth time this season. Ergo I choose to ignore.

And finally for those who are interested, Manuel Pellegrini has found himself another job. No guys, not as a miner in Chile. He will be managing Malaga. He replaced pornstar Jesulado who will be returning to Dickville to fulfill his dream of directing a porn film. Good luck Manu. We still love you. It wasn’t you it was just me.

Right then. We will soon be hearing about the Squad List for tomorrow from the club and probably even have a presser to talk about. But I’ll give that a raincheck as I am heading out to have a nice and filling dinner with my mates…

Ah, like you guys even care…

Later then.

Para Siempre Blanco!

Hala Madrid!!


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