Para Siempre Blanco

D-Day edging closer

Demented Dani: Is your Derby still sexier than me?

Hi all,

With just one day left before the Madrid derby kicks off I sit here thinking what would you call a Turkish-born German. Would it be a Turkan or a Gerkish? I think I’d call him Ozil. And Super Mesut is what I am going to start with. I had a dream last night. It was about Kaka returning to the squad one fine day. Probably Ozil might be 30 by then and Jamaica would have won a World Cup but nevertheless Kaka returned to the side and that’s what matters. No, I cannot tell you how many games he lasted before going back to the gym and posing on the cycle or the pool but I can assure you that he returned and did touch the ball in the game that came in my dream. Hypothetical but true. So yeah, what should be done if Kaka returns to full fitness? Must. Not. Laugh. Would Ozil be benched to honor the Brazilian? Considering the position in which Kaka generally plays it is no different from where Ozil is playing now. It will be a like for a crocked like sort of switch. But class wise maybe they are at par for sure. What should be done? Stupid question I admit. Obviously the player who works harder must be given the game. But what if both of them work equally hard? Hypothetical question I admit. Obviously if that happens we use the rotation system. Then, what if one of them is unhappy because of the fact that he is not playing despite working hard? Ridiculous question I admit. The player is being simply stupid.

In all seriousness, I cannot wait for Kaka to return. Return he will but I am more concerned about Kaka becoming the Kaka we all know. He is right now more of a pseudo-Kaka or the evil-twin-but-Jesus-loving brother of Kaka. I want the Kaka who can stroll past defenders as though they were never there. I want the Kaka who can score goals from anywhere on the pitch. I want the Kaka who can inspire even a lousy Atletico team to win a derby. I want the Kaka who can even knock sense into Louis van Gaal’s head. I want the Kaka who can silence Sir Alex. I want the Kaka who can even make Liverpool win the league. Is that possible?

Mesut Ozil though will not give up his place on the team that easily. He said:

My goal, obviously, was to play with the best team in the world, and Real Madrid is. I’ve worked very hard to reach this far and I hope to win titles with the Club. I wanted to be part of Mourinho’s Real Madrid. I am very happy. I believe we are on the right path. The whole team supports me; we are all united and we will fight to achieve our objectives.

Everybody helped me adapt. We are all very young and we continue to improve. There is a great atmosphere on the squad; we joke around all the time.

So what have you got that Kaka doesn’t have? The Brazilian can fake full fitness and play the World Cup. Can you?

I’ve got German discipline, but also the Turkish way of letting people do their thing.

Interesting answer. Can you make Atletico win a derby?

I’m a person, not a robot.

Haha. Good one Mesut. Cheers. Oh btw, you can have your place in the team. No hassles there.

OK. Time to shift my focus on the derby then. As you all know very well already, Real and Atleti face off at the Bernabeu tomorrow night at 21:00 CET. Albiol did the little preview that players generally do prior to the game for bwin this time. And like it has been for the past few years he picked out Kun and Diego as the danger men.

Aguero and Forlan are decisive players, but Atletico have improved on a collective and tactical level. We know we will have great chances of winning if we keep a clean sheet, especially given we play at home, where we have even more chances to score. But you never know what’s going to happen in a derby. I hope we win and take three very important points.

Clean sheet is what I am looking at. We need to make keeping clean sheets as a habit. Something that we were able to do until we faced Hercules. Milan was disastrous that way. If we can keep Aguero-Forlan quiet we can definitely keep most of the other attacks in the world quiet. And the person who would probably help us the most in doing that would be Ricardo Carvalho. The Portuguese center half met up with Forlan to play FIFA 11 in a promo-like thingy for EA. He said:

I will try to narrow spaces for Atletico’s strikers because both Forlan and Aguero are very hard to stop when they find enough room to manouvre. They can shoot on target at any time with both feet. I’m used to facing taller players in the Premiership. It’s different here, but I don’t experience any problems. I’m quick and I have to concentrate throughout the match.

And St.Iker too has a vital role to play. We need him to be at his best throughout this month. He spoke to the press after yesterday’s training session. He emphasized the importance of a derby game to Madridistas despite the fact that it has been dead rubber since 1999 and also had kind words for De Gea, their goalkeeper. He then spoke about Forlan and Kun Aguero but since I’ve covered enough about those two lads, I’ll move on. He finally spoke about the Clasico.

The Clasico is one month away.  Both teams will have complicated games leading up to it. A clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid creates great media frenzy, but we have to play other games that are equally important to us. We hope to still be leaders by the time we play at the Camp Nou, but anything can happen.

Anything can happen. Anything. I mean ANYTHING.

One person who will be unable to help us beat Atletico would be Pope Dudek. Did I say Pope? I meant Pole. The Dudek suffers from lower back pain and will be subjected to medical treatment apparently. Massage maybe?

All said and done a Wonderful derby is awaiting us.

Para Siempre Blanco!

Hala Madrid!!


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