Para Siempre Blanco

The injury crisis syndrome

EDIN-g to real?

Sergio Canales – out for a month (ankle ligament sprain).

Gonzalo Higuain – out for a couple of months (back problem).

Kaka – Will not be fit until and after the winter break – that’s again – a month.

Gago – No one knows when he will be back – let’s say a month again.

Cristiano – injured – but will play through the pain.

Garay – just recovering from a major injury and getting back to full fitness.

And that makes it 3 potential starters down injured (Yes, I am considering Kaka as a potential starter). The injury crisis syndrome has hit Real Madrid and this probably is not the right time for it to strike. The latest casualty is Sergio Canales who is now out with an ankle ligament sprain for three to four weeks as he was injured for the second time this season in training. While Gonzalo Higuain, who also is injured, is yet to decide whether or not to go under the knife.

Humiliated, insulted, disgraced, shamed, battered, mauled, smashed, ass-kicked. The words might vary but the effect is the same. The five-zip loss at Camp Nou was just what the doctor did not order. And Valencia come to the Bernabeu tomorrow to face a reeling Real Madrid side who from being league leaders going into Jornada 13 are a couple of points behind the following Jornada. And what a world of a difference do those two points make! Also, with La Liga being a two-horse race majorly the five goals that were scored could ultimately decide La Liga. Florentino Perez has apparently labelled that defeat as the worst in our illustrious history. It was embarrassing but I’d rank it right up there with the 2-6 loss at home. If we can concede 5 with this team then that score doesn’t look bad at all. Anyhoo, that’s that and its only better that we move on.

Moving on will not be all that easy with the striker crisis that we are having right now. Benzema and Ronaldo are the only two first team forwards that we have. But then again they are not the exact kind of forwards that we would want to see up front if you get what I mean. Yes, they can get you tons of goals but they don’t stick to defenders on the front third of the field and persist until they get a chance. They tend to like it when they have the ball at their feet contrary to a real number 9 who just wants the ball in the net. There are rumors emanating from Spain about Real chasing Edin Dzeko now that we are out of strikers for the next couple of months and there is also the continuing talks about Llorente. But both of them will come at a price that we are not willing to meet. And that too majority of their games will be coming in the next couple of months. And a new signing will at least need a month to settle in. I might have felt different back then but right now I feel we must have hung on to Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. He’s scoring a lot of goals in Germany now and did start scoring before we let him go. He might have helped now and back during the times when we simply lacked a number 9.

Alright then. Kaka is back out on the field. He’s started outfield training and is on course as per his recovery plans. The docs had said it’d take him up to six months to be back at his best and its been just 4. So there’s still some time left until we see him back again. Though I’ve learnt not to have high expectations about him I just can’t resist from being tempted to think he might just make a rollicking return and show us fans the real Kaka.

Apart from that I don’t think there is much to talk about. I will get back again tomorrow with the proper preview for the game and along with Jose’s comments and the squad list for the game.

Before signing off, congratulations Russia for 2018 and Qatar for 2022. I have set my sights on the latter and having taken a look at what’s in store there I’d surely love to make a trip there.

Until then,

Para Siempre Blanco!

Hala Madrid!!


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