Para Siempre Blanco

Not much to talk about

With a round of pointless international friendlies coming up, there is not much to talk about. Unless you consider Marcelo’s venture into social networking as something worth discussing. Then of course there is the whole Cantera issue that has been going on and on for weeks now and has started getting to me as much as to Mourinho. Apart from that we can maybe ponder over whether Pepe really taunted Ballesteros or not. But in essence there is nothing worth talking about. Before you start questioning the intent behind this post let me get started.

Eight of our players have been called up by their respective national teams for friendlies most of which would be conducted on Wednesday. Nacho and Varane play on Tuesday for the U21s. Casillas, Ramos, and Albiol are in Central America, Pepe in West Africa, Di Maria is in East Asia, and Kaká in North America. With so much travel and the fatigue that is bound to be incurred I am confident that we will have yet another injury crisis as the rest of the team prepares to face Bilbao at home in the weekend and Man City away next week. That said, we had some good news at the Valdebebas with Khedira training with the first team. Benzema, who is still recovering, trained on the sidelines and would most probably stay out of the team for the weekend’s fixture. Higuaín, Özil and Ronaldo too are their respective nursing injuries. I am unsure about who would and wouldn’t be ready for this weekend’s game but I am sure I can give you a better idea in a day or two.

Marcelo is now on twitter. After his latest entry into instagram the Brazilian left back is now catching up with the rest of his up to date team mates on the mini blogging site. You can tweet him @12MarceloV. Rumor has it that he followed Cristiano before even LilWayne. Staying on the social wire and with Ronaldo, the Portuguese superstar uploaded a pic on instagram and facebook reassuring fans and warning teams that he would be back as soon as it was possible for him to see with both eyes. Knowing him, the world’s third best player, who now looks as though he got into a spat with bruce lee, should be ready to challenge Lil’ Lionel for the Pichichi this weekend.

Talking about trophies, Casillas, Ramos, and Alonso were chosen as the best goalkeeper, defender, and midfielder by the coaches in charge of the teams in the league last season. They collected their rewards in the weekend. Messi though continued to beat Ronaldo when it came to winning prizes. It now seems like a competition between the teacher’s pet and the class bully (considering how CR looks now).

Real have released an official statement about the exemplary behavior displayed by us post-game at Valencia. Levante’s overaged players complained about being taunted by Pepe in the tunnel and there were even rumors that Pepe and Ballesteros went at each other in the presence of CR while he was receiving treatment. I haven’t seen anything more petty in my life and will hence not deign to talk about it.

Till tomorrow,

Para Siempre Blanco!!

Hala Madrid!!


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